As noted in the Club name, “Recreation” is also a theme of our Clubs activities.  In addition to our fishing events, they include:

Poker nights three weeks per month (“Hold-em”, “Pineapple” and “Omaha”).  Not for money, but for bragging rights.  There is a poker tournament twice a year.

A Monthly Dart tournament.  Currently we play in two-person teams with the games usually held in conjunction with a social event such as a hot-dog and hamburger luncheon.

There is also a Pot Luck lunch party where the Club holds an annual Casting Contest.  Members challenge each other to determine the most skilled “caster”.  The prize for the winner is a nice trophy, bragging rights and the obligation to supervise the next year’s Casting Contest. Various additional social events such as Sunday Brunches, Beach parties, attendance at plays, Holiday parties etc. just to name a few.